And So It Begins

I’ve been thinking about what to say here that’d be descriptive in reference to me and ended up with a scrambled egg. It starts out one way, gets broken, goes into a heated pan, forms itself and solidifies its existence, then ends up disrupted as soon as it thought it was well done and that’s the final form. My name’s Buk’ki (I like to have it with the apostrophe to give you a break from your gasp when you see it). It’s pronounced BuckEye or Buck’Kai but quite frankly you could write it either way (It’s a Hebrew name so I doubt they’ll notice you change the spelling). Nairobi, Kenya is where my life form made its premier. It then went on to live in multiple towns within the country before somewhat doing an African tour. The aim was to draw a circle of travel around Africa but the first time I got back to Nairobi I ran out of ink (I’m currently in search of fountain pen ink to be specific). I started this site to untangle my brain on electronic paper, basically play skip rope with my brain with you watching (talk about pressure, heh). You being here makes you cooler than me, for sure, but does that make me hotter than you? A new post will be up every week (unless it’s down for the ride with you). I live by two rules: 1. I never give out all of the information.

As Izaak Walton said, “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter,” so tunaenda hapa tu, hata si mbali.



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