Expiry Date

“Life is too short,” I was fond of saying. Little did I know that wasn’t the case. It’s just the right amount of short, one we can enjoy. Meaning or rather the lack thereof is what brings about this feeling. Get that and life isn’t short, no, no, no it is not. The thrill of living, the excitement, is not knowing if you’ll make it another day (if you truly live without the restriction of fear that is); what’s the point of it all. Without an end, what’s the point of a beginning, what’s the fun in the journey?

The best journeys are the ones that end whether after a month of 16 and a half. Picture that in this day and age with all we have to bear with on a daily that there’s no end. How good do you perceive that would it be? How much would you like it? Can you imagine a car with only a start button and no stop? Would you buy it? Would such even be a thing of the present day? Now, consider your life as the car, your constant troubles and struggles as the unending fuel supply, your body as the source of the fuel and your brain as the start button.

How sustainable do you reckon this will be? Or rather, how long before a burnout? Mind you the car has only a start button. The day you’re born is the day the car is started. Your troubles keep you fueled because they just don’t seem to ever end. You have to carry them all for eternity and with them getting worse. Not so fun now, is it? Let’s now give you a stop button, let’s call it sleep. For a few hours every twenty four you get to switch the car off, you get to be without your troubles.

Let’s give you a time period or more or less a validity date. When you get too old and can’t be serviced anymore, you’re phased out,. All so you don’t have to keep breaking down on the freeway or any way for that matter. That’s just life, not as good as it should be. But with the though of how bad it could’ve been, it’s definitely great right now. Is it not just what you want? So, no, life is just fine where it is for now, we look forward to a limited number of tomorrows as we live through today; there is no better way.



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