I’m Depressed, Not Broken (4)

In conclusion, there's a few things to keep in mind about bipolar disorder. There are four basic¬†types of bipolar disorder: bipolar 1 disorder - which is uncommon and very severe. bipolar 2 disorder - which is a lot more rampant. cyclothymic disorder (cyclothymia)¬†- which is also not as common as bipolar one and two. other … Continue reading I’m Depressed, Not Broken (4)


I’m Depressed, Not Broken (3).

About every person I've spoken to about bipolar disorder has asked me, "But how do you know when what episode is happening?" The answer to that isn't as simple as people would like to think. Most times we go into mental health with the mentality, "If you have a congested chest and a blocked nose … Continue reading I’m Depressed, Not Broken (3).